Wine in Amphora

The Project

At the beginning of 2020, our “Wine in Amphora” project was launched with grapes from the 2018 harvest. In recent years we have felt the desire to create a new project that could represent a gift to the island of Ischia and its millennial winemaking history, while remaining a unique memory of the island of Ischia.

We purchased two amphoras of 300 liters each (one in technical form for winemaking and the other for wine storage), selected the best batch of red Aglianico grapes in our possession, and then 100%
fermentation and storage in the amphoras followed. But that wasn’t the end of Tommasone’s idea for the amphora.

In addition to winemaking and aging in amphora, we also wanted to bottle and market this wine in small 1 liter terracotta amphora as a tribute to Pithecusa, an ancient Greek colony on the island of Ischia.

After very careful research, we found artists who were familiar with making terracotta objects and wereenthusiastic about our project. Every year 125 to 150 Pignanera amphorae are made, after which we have to wait for the next year.