under water wine

Wine can be made not only in the cellar, but also in the depths of the sea. Since 2021, after obtaining all the necessary authorizations from the responsible offices (Coast Guard, Aria Marina Protetta Regno Di Nettuno, Municipality of Casamicciola Terme) and after obtaining the state concession, we release part of our classic sparkling wine at a depth of 40 m ripen on the seabed of the Tyrrhenian Sea. We have created a real underwater cellar.

But why aging under the sea?

The special microclimate created with a constant temperature (12°C), total absence of light and the underwater pressure that influences the pressure inside the bottle ensures that optimal conditions are created for the maturation of the sparkling wine during bottle fermentation. The bottles are in sturdy steel cages and stored at a depth of 40 m, where the conditions favor a maturation period of at least 24 months, producing a sparkling wine with particular aromas and a very elegant perlage.

Due to the materials used, which are exclusively glass and steel, this type of sparkling wine production has no impact on the underwater world, but we have noticed that after just a few months vegetation and life appears where it was not there before.


We present to you
Aphrodite and her label

Why Aphrodite?

In the Greek religion, the goddess of beauty, love and generation. According to one version of the myth, she was born from Uranus and sea foam. She was also worshiped as a goddess who makes navigation safe.

Pithecusa or Pitecussa (in Greek Πιθηκοῦσσαι, Pithekoussai or Pithecusae; literally “populated by monkeys”, on the modern island of Ischia, is considered the oldest Greek settlement in Italy, the foundation of which dates back to the first half of the 8th century BC (770 BC), by the Greeks of Eretria and Chalcis (on Euboea). In all likelihood, it was not a Greek colony in the strict sense, but a  predominantly Greek trading community (from at least two different metropolises, Eretria and Euboea, but other origins are also possible), in which numerous Etruscan and Phoenician colonists lived also co-existed (and perhaps also Punic), emerged as a multi-ethnic trading center and also tended to develop into a predominantly Hellenic population colony.

In addition, Pithecusa is home to the oldest signature of Greek pottery to date (the Nestor Chalice is evidence of this).

The town of Pithecusa was administered by a noble group that owned ships and was characterized by a community mainly dedicated to crafts and seafaring. Among the signs demonstrating the aristocratic physiognomy of the ruling class is the Rhodian chalice called Nestor (dating to the second half of the 8th century BC), part of the equipment of a boy of about ten years old, which refers to one of the two, the first examples are still evidence of social practice today. In the inscription there, the author boasts of the ability to be overcome by the longing for “Aphrodite with the beautiful crowns” thanks to the wine in his cup.

The creation of the label:

The label was created in collaboration with the Scuola di Decorazione dell’Academia Di Belle Arti Di Napoli of Naples.

The project

The production of wine is an ancient tradition that has always favored trade and is still widespread throughout the island of Ischia. The island itself, fostering a sense of close and supportive community, simultaneously creates the need for cultural and commercial exchange; The sea, which constantly reshapes a separation, simultaneously offers the possibility of reaching any place, thus promoting the perception of inclusion and connection. The students of the Scuola di Decorazione dell’Academia Di Belle Arti Di Napoli focused on these themes; Development and creation of small works, graphic and chromatic symbols, which, in the form of “art labels”, give that unmistakable touch to the fine wines of the Tommasone winery on the island of Ischia.

The work was preceded by a workshop that the students of the art academy carried out in October 2022 at the Buchner high school in Ischia, as a sign of active participation in the region by exchanging the topics with the younger generations. The project is part of the broader collaboration with Ottorino Mattera of Marina 10Boutique&Design Hotel, an entrepreneur who has always been interested in art, for the Xenia concept format that, since June 2022, has allowed the Art Academy to interact with the students and community of the island of Ischia.

This year, “Conviviality” follows the proposal of the concept of hospitality for the launch of this new phase of the project, in which the selected labels will be visible live on the bottles of Tommasone wines in spring 2024.